05 November 2017

Bookmarks / Save posts not working yet - www.utopian.io / Nov 05, 2017


I heard recently about utopian.io and it looks great that so many apps started to work along steemit with new features also.
So, my first one is:

SAVE POST / BOOKMAKRS - not working yet. It saves the post but can't find it in bookmarks.

You can read this post also on utopian.io


I hope i understand correctly the meaning of save post / bookmarks. It is a feature that i search also on steemit too.
I tried to use it and it did saved that post, but for now i don't know where ;-)
utopian.io - save post

When i go to my profile -> bookmarks:
utopian.io - bookmarks 1

it is nothing there yet:
utopian.io - bookmarks 2

I tried on windows 10 with chrome and firefox. I believe that it is not a browser issue.
I just suppose it is work in progress from you guys? Or it should work and have some problems now?

OS: Windows 10, Android
Browsers: Chrome, Firefox (on android only chrome)

Till next time, 
Cheers and good wishes!

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You can also read this article here
Bookmarks / Save posts not working yet - utopian.io / Nov 05, 2017
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