07 November 2017

Searching for user not working - eSteem app / Nov 07, 2017

esteem app

Hi again.
Reading posts, i went to one of my buddies here where he was pointing to a bug on esteem app (Payout Cancel Differs in eSteem — Steemit)
I wanted to test it out and i had to reach to that post within the eSteem app.
You can read this post also on utopian.io


I looked for search option, put there the username in the search box but couldn't get to the user. Tried with @ and without. Also with other users. On mine, at some point it appeared for a fraction of a second but that was it. I tried to delete and type again but couldn't get it again to appear in the list.
STEPS (yes i know its late in the night ;-)):

Clicked to the three dots in the right corner for this menu:

esteem app - 1

On search page i choosed - user

(i tried with tags too for @steemitblog but haven't found relevant content): 
esteem app - 2

and tried to write it with @ and without it from a clear field:

esteem app - 3

But got no result.
Also, i tried to scroll in the list but it stops very quickly. I thought it gives alphabetical result to search, but its not working.
I love how this app is growing too and how they add more functionality to it.

OS: Android 4.4.2
Browsers: none
Apps: eSteem

Till next time, 
Cheers and good wishes!

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You can also read this article here
Searching for user not working - eSteem app / Nov 07, 2017
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