21 September 2017

Yahoo answers for Google issues - funny result

Yahoo answers for Google issues - funny

Searching for a setting in google translate, got a funny result in google search:

Steemit website not translating in other languages - bug or scripts that blocks it?


I was trying today to show my father a post i made and because its in english i thought that i could translate it easily with google translate because he doesn't know english.
There was no chance to do that in there. For steemit is not working.
Tried in firefox and chrome in different languages. It says:

19 September 2017

Media News and War zone comparison to Natural Disasters and "Mother Nature" guilt?

news - media

I just saw on youtube a video regarding how money, greed and politicians affect in a bad way the way we live. Not that i don't know, but how further can this stupid things go? Added to lot of other new bad things that we hear every day.
Helping people to make homes in risky places with a hand from government?

16 September 2017

China Bitcoin's Exchanges news - Shutdown Orders and when they close - september 16, 2017

bitcoin news

bitcoin news china

Some quick news regarding China's Bitcoin Exchanges.

Closing date for China's bitcoin (and altcoins) exchanges is september 15 and october 31, 2017.

BTCC and ViaBTC already took steps - Huobi and OKCoin haven't made yet any comments.

15 September 2017

Bitcoin FUD / SLAP / or new BEGINNING - WHAT TO DO in this moments (Jaime Dimon threats, China bans) - september 15, 2017

bitcoin news

First thing is that here i put my opinions, my thoughts and is not a financial or trading advice. Take your time to learn and read about it and all actions you take, are your own responsibility. I can't make choices for anybody, just sharing what i learned and think is best for me.

Seeing all this "BIG" news from all around the places makes me feel that i take part in the real beginning of the bitcoin world. Fake, FUD, funny news , memes, haters, extreme fanboys makes you feel strange at the beginning of the crypto journey.

14 September 2017

R3 startup has Sued RIPPLE - Blockchain companies backed by big banks


quote from reuters article:
NEW YORK, Sept 8 (Reuters) - New York-based blockchain startup R3 Holdco LLC has sued rival company Ripple Labs Inc. over a contract to purchase Ripple’s digital currency XRP, according to a lawsuit filed in the Delaware Chancery Court on Friday.

Well, when others say that this will cripple ripple's XRP i think that it may not. This means high interest from many sides and also fight for power in crypto world!

11 September 2017

Why Windows 10 is showing "Your Location Is Currently in Use" - How to stop Location Tracking


I recently saw a little circle with a dot inside in notification area from taskbar.
It quickly said in a message: Your location is currently in use.
Huh. How is that, when i disabled all this things at the installation?

01 September 2017

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24 August 2017

All my www.STEEMIT.com posts - bookmark

Here i will make a list with all my posts on steemit. Some, may be the same like here, but some not :-)

For now, it is just a bookmark for me to keep track of them.

For new adventure in social life you can join STEEMIT and get paid for posting, voting and even for commenting.

If you're there, you can also follow/vote/resteem me too:  www.steemit.com/@ilvstranger

Leave a reply here or just comment there in one of my posts and will follow back to make the community bigger.

=============== SEPTEMBER 2017 ===============

ONLY 14 days left - Get your FREE Crypto tokens - Get 75 ATS tokens only for signing up (soon may value more than $750) — Steemit

READY for BITCOIN SEGWIT Activation? ->4 hours left - august 24th, 2017

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You can also earn for writing and voting.

Here we are. At the next real move in the Bitcoin network after august 1st.

First of all, i'm not an expert in this world. But i try to put here in a simple way, some information that can help other simple crypto people like me. Hope it helps for others too.

After the fork was a little bit of silence then some big moves in the market.

03 August 2017

Unreadable FONT in Chrome on Android Stack Exchange Forum or other Websites (Windows 10) – Solved

Having problems with unreadable fonts in google’s Chrome browser? Why do they use that font i don’t know. But other website do that too.
In Firefox works well, but in Chrome is destroying the eye...

BEST FREE FONT MANAGER – Windows – Nexus Font


Font managers are the best solution to not cripple your windows performance. It will sure do even in windows 10 too if you are installing lot of fonts and forget them there.
So, the simple way is to use a font manager.

20 October 2013

Firefox 24.0 - right click doesn't work (firebug 1.10.6?)

Hy all,

Straight to the point:

 I upgraded my old firefox to version 24.0. Then i installed new extensions, for saving images, e-mailing tabs, web measuring, colors and other stuff. After a few days, i observed that right click was not working. It was appearing, but not responding to any commands.
 Since i work in advertising and webdesig area, i always have installed firebug and its components. Ok. So, i tried one or two days to disable every add-on one by one, restarting mozilla firefox. But not firebug.

29 November 2012

Desktop shortcuts disappear in Windows 7

desktop shortcuts disappear in Windows 7
Image source: Wikipedia
Two days ago, one of my friend asked me what is happening with his desktop shortcuts when he is going somewhere else with his laptop.
They are gone every time.

13 May 2011

SetConfig Application has encountered a problem and needs to close - problem solved here

Another error solved. Well, not now, some time ago  but it has started to be very annoying because we still have it.

Set Config Application has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for inconvenience.

This usually appear when windows starts and there are some problems with some drivers, in most cases HP printers.