27 March 2019

Uninstall Mozilla Firefox - Totally removing hidden files like cache, favorites, browsing history and Installation folder with profiles


If you tried in last few years to uninstall Mozilla Firefox, after a new installation you found that Firefox kept some good data about previous installation like cache, browsing history, favorites and some profile data.

10 September 2018

How to Uninstall & Remove OneDrive link and entry from Windows 10 File Explorer - Tutorial

remove onedrive from windows 10

If you are using Windows 10 and you are not a cloud storage user you may want to get rid of the links that is in your left pane in file explorer and the software that is present in your daily work on windows 10 with suggestions and other things.
OneDrive comes preinstalled in windows 10 so if you don't use it it is better to uninstall it.

30 May 2018

BITCOIN vs GOLD - Mining & Markets - Where is the price going today? To mine or To buy?


BITCOIN & GOLD average cost and Market trend

With latest news spreading FUD, price dropping and lot of uncertainty in the market, i want to share an idea that i had long time ago. After a thorough analyse i hope that i made my point with this post.

10 April 2018

BTC - Bitcoin trend H1 and Daily - April 10th - still bearish - April 10, 2018


Analyzing Bitcoin (BTC or XBT) chart, we can see that the downtrend is still on.
That doesn't mean bad, but only where the market is in this moment.

05 February 2018

Litecoin (LTC) - Two New Payment Processors on the road: LitePay February Launch and LitePal soon - Feb 04, 2018


Today are some news regarding Litecoin (LTC) exclusive transaction processor, LitePay.
Charlie Lee tweeted also about a second one, LitePal. He replied in that tweet that he just heard about that one.

14 January 2018

TITLE ICO - Experty.io - Crypto solution to Information sharing (calls with crypto) - Jan 14, 2018

This time i will talk about a project that tries to make calls easier using cryptocurrencies.


The project, is pretty straightforward.
You have an app that lets you manage your info, contacts, crypto wallets and make calls paying with cryptocurrencies. Without banks or third party services.

13 January 2018

ICO - MOBIUS network: CONNECT any APP, DEVICE or DATA stream to the Blockchain Ecosystem - jan 13, 2018


It seems that new technologies arises more and more. And what i gladly see is that lot of good real projects are on their way.
Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most talked about and more people that come into crypto space think that there are only 2-3 winners.

06 January 2018

TITLE ICO - GEMS: The Protocol for Decentralized Mechanical Turk (the Amazon Mechanical Turk killer?) - jan 06, 2018

Among all new projects that "flooded" the cryptocurrency market i start to look more to what projects looks more closer to reality.
Of course, lot of projects have good and real ideas and some of them have also a beta or test platform.
I think this is one of the first steps to a real projects. Also, how community looks at it and embrace it is another one.

18 December 2017

TITLE BITCOIN FUTURES on CME - started NOW at $20,649 - dec 18, 2017


Being on telegram i saw now on tradingview that trading has started on CME.
The hour was 01.00 am GMT+2

Indicator is:

The starting price is bigger than all markets listed on coinmarket cap.

08 December 2017

BITCOIN going to $20.000 - Open the wallets - Incoming HODLers - dec 12, 2017


Who can stop that now?

BITCOIN was around $11,000 five days ago and now it goes to$20,000 with a growth in last 24h of almost 26%.

19 November 2017

Utopian comment box resizing and mouse lag / Nov 19, 2017


I was trying to comment on a post today and saw that the comment box was too small. I tried to enlarge it and it work but is still small. Maybe for my resolution and what i am used to work in steemit.

18 November 2017

Coinbase Custody - A new product from Coinbase - nov 18, 2017

coinbase custody - bitcoin world

Brian Armstrong Co-Founder and CEO at Coinbase, made a big announcement on Nov 16, regarding a next step in digital assets world.
They created a new company and a new product for that which will help institutional investors to invest and trade digital assets.

11 November 2017

Cool TEXT effects with ASCII characters - ASCII ART / Picture to ASCII (PART I)

text to ascii - @ilvstranger


Searching on web after some info regarding working to a website, i come across an ASCII generator. Only google knows how i reached that one ;-)

Then the fun became real.

07 November 2017

Searching for user not working - eSteem app / Nov 07, 2017

esteem app

Hi again.
Reading posts, i went to one of my buddies here where he was pointing to a bug on esteem app (Payout Cancel Differs in eSteem — Steemit)
I wanted to test it out and i had to reach to that post within the eSteem app.

05 November 2017

Bookmarks / Save posts not working yet - www.utopian.io / Nov 05, 2017


I heard recently about utopian.io and it looks great that so many apps started to work along steemit with new features also.
So, my first one is:

SAVE POST / BOOKMAKRS - not working yet. It saves the post but can't find it in bookmarks.