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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Firefox 24.0 - right click doesn't work (firebug 1.10.6?)

Hy all,

Straight to the point:

 I upgraded my old firefox to version 24.0. Then i installed new extensions, for saving images, e-mailing tabs, web measuring, colors and other stuff. After a few days, i observed that right click was not working. It was appearing, but not responding to any commands.
 Since i work in advertising and webdesig area, i always have installed firebug and its components. Ok. So, i tried one or two days to disable every add-on one by one, restarting mozilla firefox. But not firebug.


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Desktop shortcuts disappear in Windows 7

desktop shortcuts disappear in Windows 7
Image source: Wikipedia
Two days ago, one of my friend asked me what is happening with his desktop shortcuts when he is going somewhere else with his laptop.
They are gone every time.


Friday, May 13, 2011

SetConfig Application has encountered a problem and needs to close - problem solved here

Another error solved. Well, not now, some time ago  but it has started to be very annoying because we still have it.

Set Config Application has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for inconvenience.

This usually appear when windows starts and there are some problems with some drivers, in most cases HP printers.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

gswin32c.exe ERROR - CutePDF Writer Error - problem solved with GPL Ghostscript 8.15

This little free software, very useful (see details here), needs to run another soft called GPL Ghostcript (an interpreter for the PostScript language and for PDF - displays, print and convert PostScript and PDF files).

See details for GPL Ghostscript at the bottom of the article.

I encountered an error last week which caused some trouble in printing PDF files.
Looking for some additional options for professional printing i've installed another free software which also requires ghostscript.

I did installed the ghostscript included with that software and didn't look up what version is.
After that, i tested that program but didn't helped much and tried to come back to CutePDF Writer.

It was impossible to run it again.I get the error gswin32c.exe ahs encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the incovenience.

I tried to uninstall everything, delete the registry with all possible garbage related to GPL Ghostscript. But not a chance.

As it comes the GPL Ghostscript 8.15 it has no uninstaller and when uninstall CutePDF Writer it does delete the Ghostscript files.

You can manually clean the registry from:


After cleaning download and install the latest version of GS "gs901w32.exe" off Ghostscript Last version (on 06/04/2011)

This will solve that problem. Yes, it's that simple.

You can check just to be sure next registry values:
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\GPL Ghostscript (for 64 bites system)

GS_DLL (it's value is the path to --> gsdll32.dll - which must be the same with the place is installed the Ghostscript)
GS_LIB (it's value is the path to the Ghostscript instalation folder)

TIP!: As an advice, try to be carefull everytime you install something and it doesn't have that protection to announce you that you already have a newer version.

The Support Team from Acro Software Inc. were very promt to answer the problem and it is a good thing that support is offered for free software.

Details for GPL Ghostscript are here:

GPL Ghostscript official page  or page.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

CutePDF Writer - FREE PDF virtual printer

Few month ago i've started to use (along with doPDF) that tiny free virtual printer.
I saw that has few things that are "printed" more friendly than the first one. But it has also it's limits, depending on what you need to print.

For example, some pictures that will be in the final pdf, if will be imported in Illustrator or Corel Draw, there will be not one image. It will be breaked apart in more tiny pictures grouped as one object. In CorelDraw the option that allows to transform everything in bitmap can save that thing but in Illustrator it is not a reasonable way to import that.

Leaving that little problems away, maybe in the future there will be some free virtual pdf printers which will solve that printing problems, it is more stable than doPDF in some cases.

Until now i can say that working with both of them helped a lot than using just one.
Being free and not complex programs they can help us in a lot of office work if we need to preview some documents before printing.

That's THE BIG HELP with virtual printers. They let us see the way it will be printed our documents, before we waste lot's of paper and ink.

It has more options than it's "mate" and that can be set as default options. Very helpful with daily jobs.

You can see them in the picture above.

Note: 5/5

Licence: FREE for commercial and non-commercial use! No watermarks! No Popup Web Ads!
It is AdSupported - but you have the option to not install that other stuff so it is your chioce.

Compatible: Windows All
Need instalation: YES
Additional software to run: GPL Ghostscript (here is v. 9.01)
Size: 3.6 MB normal


CutePDF Writer

or go to author's page

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Internet Explorer 8 FIX: CTRL+F bar is not working – how to make it work

(also apply to missing FAVORITES, FEEDS and HISTORY tabs)

It happens that normal functions to not work suddenly and we can’t know the reason why. But there is a simple way to solve that bug.
This is one of those moments.

When you try to search with CTRL+F in the page (Find on this page), in Internet Explorer 8, the search bar will not display. Or hiting the FAVORITES center button does not result in showing corresponding tabs.

It may be a problem with Core Component oleacc.dll, it can be corupted or that module is not registered in the system. So, it must be re-registered.
You don’t need to reinstall Internet Explorer 8.
Do the following:

Close all Internet Explorer 8 windows.

Atention! – If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7 you must run the following command from an elevated Command Prompt (How to run elevated command in Windows Vista and Windows 7).
In a few words, right click and choose Run as administrator for that command.

Returning to our problem, all you have to do is to hit:

Start --> Run --> and type the following command

regsvr32 oleacc.dll

Hit Enter and you would see a message like: DllRegisterServer in oleacc.dll succeeded

Open Internet Explorer 8 window and test your options.
All will work fine now.

If in any case still not work (till now in all cases was the right method to repair), please feel free to write to us here or send us a message through the contact form.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Free useful tips: How to uninstall Internet Explorer 8 (XP & Vista and Windows 7)

I will start add here (till new interface will arrive, still working) tips & tricks, technical info or how to stuff, you name it.
Almost all things i have been through and found that usefull.

I am not responsable for any way of misunderstanding or bad functioning for any information. I tested almost all of what i will write and i will tell any problems or good things that i encounter. So in principle i first test and then write here.

So, let's begin.
Let’s say you have problems with IE 8 and want to get rid of it. It is an easy step, but take care of following things:

If you remove Internet Explorer 8, your previous version (6, 7) will be restored with their last customisations (homepage, favorites, add-ons ...).

! Important:
If you remove Internet Explorer 8 from Windows 7, beware that it is a part of Windows 7 and therefore you will need to install a third-party browser to be able to browse on internet!
You cannot uninstall Internet Explorer 8 if it is set as not removable. This it occurs if you install Internet Explorer 8 before installing Service Pack 3 (SP3) on Windows XP. If this has happened, then you must uninstall Service Pack 3 (SP3) then uninstall Internet Explorer 8. More about this on official site 950719 - You cannot uninstall Internet Explorer 7 or Internet Explorer 8 after you install Windows XP Service Pack 3.

To uninstall your Internet Explorer 8 and come back to Internet Explorer 7 or 6 you can easily do the following steps:

First you must be logged on to windows as an administrator
Cose all programs.
(don’t forget that after uninstall, restart windows)

Windows 7
Click Start - then click on Control Panel.
Under Programs, go to Uninstall a program.
In the tasks pane, click Turn Windows features on or off (to have them in the list).
In list of windows features, uncheck the box next to Internet Explorer 8.
Next you will receive a warning message in a little window. Click Yes.
You’re done! (restart windows).

Windows Vista
Click Start -> Control Panel -> Uninstall a Program under the Programs category
In the Tasks pane, go to View installed updates.
In the list of installed updates, double-click Windows Internet Explorer 8.
In the Uninstall an update dialog box, click Yes.
Follow the next instructions to uninstall and then restart your computer.

Windows XP
Click Start -> Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs
In the list, click Windows Internet Explorer 8, and then click Remove.
Follow the next instructions to uninstall and then restart your computer.

So, if you done this right, you have now uninstalled Internet Explorer 8.

You can check to see your version for current version of Internet Explorer, by clicking on About from Help menu and see what version you have.

That's it.

how to, technology, solutions, tips and tricks

Friday, April 2, 2010

Yahoo Multi Pack (PART II) - Yahoo Messenger and many tools for it (including multimessenger)


6. Yahoo! Toolbar Build 2009.9.20.2 (for IE 5.5+ - 28th sept 2009) - ad-supported

This software will be installed as an addon to IE 5.5+.
I am not a fun to installing toolbars and lots of addons because of their needs of memory resources and for lots of bugs that can they provoke.
But is your choice and not mine.
It depends of every experience. If i see some unusual stuff i will tell them.
It includes a search box, bookmark support, spyware removal and anti-spy and a popup blocker, check your yahoo e-mail and more.

I marked it as ad-supported because at instalation it will try to change the homepage for browsers installed and will try to change the search engine also.

Note: 4/5 (adware - not a bad thing, but it exists and you must know)

Licence: free

Compatible: Windows All
Need instalation: YES
Size: 3.5 MB


Yahoo! Toolbar Build 2009.9.20.2 (for IE 5.5+)

or go to
author's page 1
author's page - home

7. Yahoo! Widget Engine 4.5.2 Build 10A50 (23rd oct 2008) - ad-supported

It used to be called Konfabulator and it is an widget engine who let's you personalise your desktop with things you like (wifi signal, calculator, calendar, weather ...etc).
Widgets are among us from a long time already so you know what they do, they ease our work or needs. It is up to our computer performance and memory if they are present on desktop every minute. But let's not think about that. I think at the minimum configurations from today it is no problem to run such thing.

Widgets have a nice design and are fully personalisable. They are open formats and if you want you can learn and create your own. You can change the look, feeling, functionality and others so it matches to your personality.

So, what are you waitin'?

Let me know about problems, i didn't find any till now.

Yes it's ad-supported too, but you can choose whether to make or not their default search engine and homepage, so it's not so bad. As long as we have choice we must understand that free software must be suported some way.
Nothing can be free without some support.
What is wrong is... when we don't know.

Note: 5/5

Licence: free

Compatible: Windows 2K / XP / Vista
Need instalation: YES
Size: 15.1 MB


Yahoo! Toolbar Build 2009.9.20.2 (for IE 5.5+)

or go to
author's page 1
author's page - home

8. Yahoo! Mail Checker 1.0 (15 mar 2006 last update)

Install it and it will keep you informed with your e-mails when they arrive.
You have the following options:

- autostart with windows
- save password
- minimize to system tray
- automatic login

Note: 4/5 (not updated recently)

Licence: free

Compatible: Windows All
Need instalation: YES
Size: 244 KB


Yahoo! Mail Checker 1.0

or go to author's page

9. Yahoo Auto Reply 3.0 (17 apr 2006 - last update) - ad-supported

This still a simple application.
Unpack files in self extracting archive (make sure you make a new folder, there are 3 files),
Use the options in the screen and make your answering machine work for you.

I marked it as ad-supported because it displays some commercials while its running.

Note: 4/5 (not updated recently)

Licence: free

Compatible: Windows All
Need instalation: YES
Size: 423 KB


Yahoo Auto Reply 3.0


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Yahoo Multi Pack (PART I) - Yahoo Messenger and many tools for it (including multimessenger)

Yahoo Messenger pack

As many of my friends and readers requests, i added a pack with some explanations to yahoo messenger and related software.
I wanted to make a pack with most useful programs. I did not added arhive reader, sniffer or password recovery from some reasons, maybe i will add sometime.

As advice, you'll have to know that former versions of yahoo messenger does not work properly from some reasons. It is possible or it is mostly intended that last version of yahoo messenger to be promoted and not be functional with other versions. So, from what i see, having older versions of messenger, like 8.x and in some cases 9.x, will bring you errors, like having login problems, crashes, incompatible with other services ... etc.
For best performance you need to have the same version like most of your friends in list. Not always is best to upgrade to last version untill it takes some time to test it and bug fixed.
It's your choice, but take notice about that words.

It is recommended that you uninstall or disable old patch before new instalations.

I recommend now, Yahoo Messenger 10 and Multiple Instance Yahoo! Messenger 1.0. This is tested and has no crashes as other do. I reffer as crash, at forced logoff which i did with other multi messenger softwares. This two combinations works well at the people i know.

Being many softwares i will add at every ones end, the description and download link.

Ok, let's see what we have:

1.Yahoo! Messenger

2. Patch It Multi-Yahoo! 2.0
3. Y! Multi Messenger 8.x and 9.x
4. YMulti Messenger 8.x
5. Multiple Instance Yahoo! Messenger 1.0

6. Yahoo! Toolbar Build 2009.9.20.2 (for IE 5.5+)
7. Yahoo! Widget Engine 4.5.2 Build 10A50
8. Yahoo! Mail Checker 1.0
9. Yahoo Auto Reply 3.0


1. Yahoo! Messenger

This is worthless to comment, right? :-). Last version for yahoo messenger in that moment.

Note: 5/5

Licence: free

Compatible: Windows All
Need instalation: YES
Size: 16,4 MB


Patch It Multi-Yahoo! 2.0

or go to
author's page 1
author's page - home

Next 4 software are useful patches that allows you to run multiple instances of yahoo messenger.

2. Patch It Multi-Yahoo! 2.0 (it's last update was in 2005)

It will install a patch in C:/... and then you run and activate patching.

Note: 4/5 (it was not updated for a long time)

Licence: free

Compatible: Windows All
Need instalation: YES
Size: 85 KB


Patch It Multi-Yahoo! 2.0

or go to author's page

3. Y! Multi Messenger 8.x and 9.x (6th april 2009 - last update)

It allows multiple messenger instances.
It has no longer having installation file. It is just a patch with an option to enable / disable the patch.
It is recommended to uninstall previous versions and delete any old Y!Multi Messenger.exe files in the c:\program files\yahoo\messenger folder as well (or anywhere it is located in your system folder).
You will need to have an aditional file named RaveButtons.ocx file to use this program (you have the link in the instructions file in the downloaded archive).

Note: 4/5 (it has additional files to work, but no installation)

Licence: free

Compatible: Windows All
Need instalation: NO
Size: 43 KB


Y! Multi Messenger 8.x and 9.x

or go to author's page

4. YMulti Messenger 8.x (8th may 2007 last update)

This is the same program like in above description (from point 3.) and is only for Yahoo Messenger 8.x.

Note: 5/5

Licence: free

Compatible: Windows All
Need instalation: NO
Size: 9 KB


YMulti Messenger 8.x

or go to author's page

5. Multiple Instance Yahoo! Messenger 1.0 (22nd Jan 2008)

This is just the simplest way.
Download and double click. It will ask you and will patch it instantly.

Note: 5/5

Licence: free

Compatible: Windows All
Need instalation: NO
Size: 21 KB


Multiple Instance Yahoo! Messenger 1.0

or go to author's page


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Izarc - Archiving tool (many formats)

This is a very good free archiving software who helped me along past years.

It has a modern interface with drag & drop files capability, it can work with your preffered Antivirus scanner (you can choose to scan archives when you open it), it supports archive encryption, you can open CD image files like BIN, CDI, ISO and NRG, convert image files from one to another (BIN to ISO, NRG to ISO) and many other functions.
I will enumerate some of them here, the most of us need few from them daily or from time to time.

- it integrates in windows context menu
- it has repair broken archives function (for lucky ones :) )
- search in archives
- add, delete, extract files from an existing archive
- test and convert archives
- CD / DVD images support (ISO, BIN, MDF, NRG, IMG, C2D, PDI, CDI)
- convert CD images
- full drag & drop capability
- create multiple archives spanning disks (you can choose size of them)
- self extracting archives
- automatic installation of most programs contained in archives
- e-mail archives
- create and merge multi-volume sets
- UnSFX the .EXE files to normal archives
- multilanguage support
- encrypt files (AES 128, 192 and 256 and PKZip 2.0)
- EXTRACT MULTIPLE archives in their own folders
- Zip encryption
- view / write comments
- supports both long and short 8.3 filenames
- UU/XX/MIME Encode/Decode

Note: 5/5

Licence: free for personal or commercial use (you can donate to help improving or not)
License page

Compatible: Windows All
Need instalation: YES
Size: 4.0 MB normal
Size: 3.6 MB portable



IZArc2Go - portable

or go to author's page