29 November 2012

Desktop shortcuts disappear in Windows 7

desktop shortcuts disappear in Windows 7
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Two days ago, one of my friend asked me what is happening with his desktop shortcuts when he is going somewhere else with his laptop.
They are gone every time.

I don't have until now broken shortcuts on desktop so i never met this situation until now. I knew that Windows XP had an option for "runing desktop wizard..." to clear broken links for unused shortcuts. I thought Windows 7 has the same option.

Hmm, i've looked for it and i haven't found something similar with Windows XP. Then i searched on internet and in the first answers i did found the solution.

I put it here (first, because he will sure forget it after what will do the first time and to can come back here to remember :-) ), the solution for having trouble with keeping the temporarly broken shortcuts.

Solution (for Desktop shortcuts disappearing in Windows 7):

Windows 7, has a new system for managing operating system. It is called System Maintenance troubleshooter.
Once he detects a shortcut is broken, it is possible to delete it.

Usualy this performs a weekly maintenance of the operating system. The System Maintenance troubleshooter has two ways for problems:
- one is it fixes the problems automatically
- second it will report it through Action Center.

Usually, when there are more than 4 (four) broken shortcuts on the desktop, the System Maintenance troubleshooter, automatically removes all broken shortcuts from the desktop.

Broken link: 
"Broken shortcut" is a shortcut to a file, folder or drive that is not always available.
You may do a shortcut for your USB, for your external drive, or for network folder and after you disconnect it, if System Maintenance troubleshooter is in action, it will remove shortcuts to missing "objects".

There are two methods to deal with:

1. Remove all but 4 (four) broken shortcuts from your desktop

That means you shall keep on your desktop only top 4 broken shortcuts, and then will be ok. If there are more than 4 (four) broken shortcuts, then maintenance system will do his job, right? Will keep it clean, very clean. Like a conscientiously housekeeper that will try to do more than her best to clean the space around you and will clean your desk every morning, even if you told her to never touch that place. She really want to be "pro" :-). That's not always a bad thing. That only means you must be always careful with the things you need. Not just let them hang around. Even on your desktop.

Solution 1: A smart and very simple decision is to make a folder on your desktop and place there all the shortcuts you need. That means, the lady will not look through your drawers, she will only look on your desk(top). Now you are saved.

2. Disable the System Maintenance troubleshooter

However, if you insist to place them on the desk (desktop), then is only one solution:

Solution 2: Disable the System Maintenance troubleshooter.

!!! If you disable the System Maintenance troubleshooter, all the maintenance tasks that it performs will be disabled. So, if you care about the lady, and you don't want to "fire" her, pleaseee use Solution 1 ... :-)

How to disable the System Maintenance troubleshooter:

a) Click START --> Control Panel
b) Under System and Security, click Find and Fix problems.
c) On the left navigation panel, click Change Settings.
d) Set Computer Maintenance to Off.

Huh, so here you are. Solving that small, tiny, little but BIG problem.

Hoping is helpful, first for my buddy who will forget the first time advice, and how i know him, the second, the third... :-), so hopefuly he will not forget my site address to can solve his small problems without remembering how to do them.

Regards to all

Main link for this article: here at microsoft support area
Level of knowledge: 1/5
1 = normal user/beginner user
5 = it guy, webmaster, or whatever your best knowledge is in computer handling (not to carry them :-) )
2,3,4 = intermediate users (between browsing and opening a media player, until the ones who can play around with windows and programs that runs "in" it, like office, graphics or other software)

I will make a funny but accurate legend for every kind of user, but now it is first time and i wanted to be just a small guide to know how hard or easy it is to solve the problems.


  1. From what i see you said: Thanks for info.

    Hmm, i hope it helped you as it did my friends. He already used this article twice instead calling me :-).

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  4. If it helps, then always gladly share what i know.

    The best way to go on, is to share our solved or not solved problems with others to can go on.

    So, cheers and waiting for your questions or solutions for other problems.

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